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How to bring your Home to Life with a Canvas Print

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Decorating your home can be an exciting time,

and you can take advantage of this moment by creating your own canvas gallery wrap.  If you have ever walked into an empty room only to discover that the bare, stark and empty walls are screaming out loud to be covered with beautiful artwork?  If so, then your at the right place because we can help you create just the perfect room.

Starting with our Gallery Wrap, you will love this 1.5″ thick pre-stretched canvas print will be perfect to give the depth that you are looking for on any wall.  These rich looking canvases help any photo or artwork to create a dimensional look of your design that does not require a frame.  Our standard canvas stretcher bars are so thick that you will be pleased with how much depth they offer.

From one canvas to several, you can balance any wall or decor with any of your custom artwork on each canvas or choose a photo or art that spans several canvases.  We have discounts on canvases that span across several pre-sized canvas packages.  Feel free to also shop these packages to use each canvas for individual use as well, for example Family photos where one family photo may be of the entire family and the other can be of each family member.  This helps create a family gallery wall.

Match any decor by complementing your furniture with similar colors that are in your artwork.  In the photo in this article you will see that the artwork spans several of our 24″ x 24″ Canvas prints.  These have a quality and color that matches the wall color, furniture and flooring color, in this subdued and somewhat monotone setting brings warmth to your room and helps the occupants feel cozy and at home.

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